By Samantha Oriegien Swaby

The Wings of Cherubim light installation is a tribute to the magical figure of the cherubim.

The many esoteric and mythological meanings of cherubs are all related exclusively to light. "Brilliant" is the meaning that Jewish etymology gives to the name Kerubim. In mythology, cherubs were the first to be created with the aim of protecting the Garden of Eden and to be guardians of the truth. The cherubs shine with divine intelligence and enlightening is their happiness. Thus the Wings of Cherubim light installation also radiates the space with light and warmness.

Starting from the natural shape of the wing glimpsed within the marble, Samantha recreated a reflection of it sculpted in clay. As the sculpture dried it began to crack dramatically, Samantha thought disaster had struck as she should have covered it to allow it to dry slowly. But as she showed a friend an image of the apparent disaster, her friend commented on how the cracks actually made the wing look better, and then suggested filling the cracks with gold, like Japanese

Kintsugi (the art of precious scars), Samantha was thrilled with this idea and commented, “sometimes what appears to be a mistake, can reveal something so much better”. This added even more meaning and dimension to the piece as a moment of enlightenment in the Wings of Cherubim’s creation.

A mould was taken of the cracked wing sculpture and cast in transparent resin, with the cracks then filled with gold. The marble was then embossed by CNC machine with the same sculpted detail of the resin wing to create a reflection in the contrasting marble material which inspired the entire piece. A brass ring embraces the two wings with central brass pieces representing elements of sacred geometry allowing the light to emit through the lamp creating a beam of light that spreads from the wall throughout the space.

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