The Elements were born of “Nommos”- a memory of the African tribe of how life came to Earth. Life came from stars. Earth already had nature, which was inanimate, the elements of creation were there- fire, water, air, earth and ether.


Nommos chose water- the oceans to settle into first and then crawled out to land- earth. They used the other elements for their livelihood too- air, fire and ether, their ingenuity adapting and moulding elements to their needs. The “Nommos” piece captured that narrative by representing the elements as discrete, but, complementary hexagonal particles geometrically inspired by the Giant’s Causeway of Ireland- a mythical bridge between two domains.


This group of hexagonal elements can create a more dynamic and flexible arrangement that would interact with your interior or exterior space and can adapt to its immediate use- a party for example, creating an ever changing environment. Each element is water resistant and suitable for outside use.


Limited Edition of 30

Numbered and signed

THE ELEMENTS Limited Edition

  • Each piece is made to order and will take between 8 - 10 weeks for delivery. Earth & Fire elements have an internal metal frame with height adjustable legs for uneven surfaces, the Ether element is made for 20 - 30mm thick marble with a wooden internal frame.


    Due to the unique nature of the marble and metacrylic elements, each element group will be unique, a true piece of art furniture unique to the buyer.


    Total dimentions: 105cm x 101cm x 45cm h

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    1. AIR: LIGHT BLUE METACRYLIC - Optic details

    2. WATER: LIGHT GREEN METACRYLIC - Optic details

    3. FIRE: BRASS