Stone, marble, granite, onyx, precious ...

Infinite years in the making, the Earth tells its stories through its natural wonder.

Water, fire, earth and air, ether culminating in an intoxication mix ripe for creation, only the Earth knows its true story; men can ponder their philosophy, create their myths, abate their fears and find solace and faith in their imaginings, but this Earth knows the truth.

As clouds create an image for the onlooker to make real, so does each piece of stone tell a story. One must have the patience to look, meditate on each vein, each inclusion that has been buried for years just waiting to be


Walking through the wide corridors of stones, colour, texture, such intensity, the earth makes its art in every piece. As each block is cut they change and mutate, revealing yet another hidden image buried in its stone bones.

Slow Stone, slowly looks at each piece of stone, allowing it to speak and it will dictate the creation, it

will dictate the design. It takes patience to contemplate each slab, waiting for one to reveal its story

and reveal its hidden meaning.

The debut collection "Stories of Creation"  by Samantha Oriegien Swaby is made from Grey Saint Laurent Marble and is inspired by mythology and esoteric meaning.

Slow Stone’ creations are unique: never to be repeated and have been infinite years in the making.