By Samantha Oriegien Swaby

While Prometheus was inspired by the figure of a human face, in Nommos the stone evokes the image of a turtle, an amphibious and terrestrial creature, often the protagonist of myths and legends.

The inspiration no longer comes from Greek mythology but from the ancient traditions of the Dogon, a population originally from Mali who worshipped the so-called Nommos, also called "Masters of the waters", anthropomorphic spirits from the system of the Sirius star system and settled on earth to dwell in a watery realm. The name Nommos is therefore atribute to these mythological creatures that, like the turtle, are characterized by the double bond with the earth and water.

It is precisely this double bond that is represented by the Nommos piece of art in which the marble silhouette represents the turtle that rises from the water towards the mainland.

The hexagonal plinths, which recall the natural phenomenon of the Giants Causeway, surround the central structure and are created with materials that recall the five main elements present in nature: in this way earth, air, fire, water and ether correspond to wood, cut layered Lucite, brass and marble. The effect within the Lucite hexagon elements that represent air and water was created due to the restrictions of a long waiting time for the desired material of solid blocks of coloured

Lucite. The artist and designer Samantha worked with the acrylic specialist to create the illusion of solid blocks, with the addition of optical glue sandwiched in between each layer to create the effect of clouds and water. The layers of Lucite were then polished to create an effect that is transformational; as one moves around the piece the Lucite hexagons change with each different angle of light. The unavailability of the solid Lucite blocks allowed for the creation of something more dynamic, and as on the Earth, it is these hexagon elements of air and water that bring the entire piece to life.

Nommos is a sculpture that can be used as a table or as a decorative element following the imagination of those who own it, as a real piece of art.

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